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Become a part of history as Strict Curl Nation brings the sport to Mr. America for first time ever

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Since 1939, The Mr. America competition has taken place and recently, has turned into much more than the singular Mr. America bodybuilding competition, namely, it's now a major event at the Mr. America Sports Festival and Expo!

The event will take place in October 2022 and will be the SCN National Championships where the best of the best will compete for top honors, as Strict Curl Mr. and Mrs. America!

The event will be both invite only (Youth, Teen, and Masters 60+) as well as qualifying as well. The qualifying numbers are below and will need to be achieved at one of the upcoming 2022 meets put on by some of the greats in the sport of Strict Curl (New York, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and more to be announced):

The qualifiers as well as the Mr. America competition itself will use the 54L Gopher Performance Bar

The event will be drug tested and the sign up form will be out shortly, each qualified athlete and invited athlete will be given a unique link via e-mail to sign up for the event.

For any and all questions and inquiries relating to the Mr. America event or any event qualifiers, please send us a message via e-mail at and we'll quickly get back to you with an answer.

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